What is business strategy?

Effective business strategy sets the course for organizations to succeed. 

Strategy translates a high-level vision into a plan. It dictates where to operate and how to succeed. 

Strategy provides focus by clarifying what an organization is going to do as well as what it is NOT going to do.

It clarifies objectives for managers, so they can focus on executing. It helps the organization allocate resources and prioritize investments. 

In the absence of a good strategy firms lack clarity and become vulnerable to underappreciated threats. 

The development of a good business strategy involves bringing people together to make decisions about the future. 

Tradeoffs are clearly presented and understood. Leaders then make informed choices, based on structured information about the firm, the competitive environment, and customers. 

Once the right strategy is in place, our program management and change management practices help organizations execute with clarity and ensure your people are engaged and empowered to deliver. 

We can help you create a new strategy or refresh the one you have with the lens of moving to practical implementation.

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