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We started our firm 10 years ago to provide program management services to companies in industries all over the world.

We do that still today.

Over time, however, we started to see holes in companies’ abilities to fully realize the strategies our program management services supported. 

We couldn’t help but wonder why.

To find out, we talked to board members, corporate executives, big consultancies, small consultancies, and individuals on the front lines to get to the bottom of what was getting in the way. 

Here’s what we learned:

  1. Companies were hiring big name firms with big teams and big rates to come in and set strategies that were smart—though often too academic and too hard to implement.
  2. Firms that were also too expensive (or less equipped) to hire through execution, which then became an internal person’s second or third job.
  3. All with little to no understanding of how massive changes would impact people and their abilities to do their jobs in future state.

We were convinced there had to be a different way—a fresh and novel approach to set effective strategies, supported by solid day-to-day program management and execution, all while caring about people and how they experience change at work.

We restructured more than a year ago to commit ourselves to this new way.

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