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Achieve desired business results via a proven strategic change process

Leverage a proven human centric methodology to drive business results...or drive leadership alignment

When done right, strategic change can be delivered with fewer resources. We accomplish this be building buy-in and alignment of leadership around business outcomes. Our Change Management experience has continually shown that a small group of leaders seeing eye-to-eye can deliver more effective change than any large organization.

By targeting the human side of change management to align the company’s culture, values, people, and behaviors, our approach effectively encourages people move from the current state to the desired one. We focus on moving people up the change curve towards the desired change result and avoiding the downward and costly spiral of disengagement.

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  1. ALIGN We help leaders come to a common definition of change.
  2. EXPLAIN We tell the stories of “why” in ways that inspire curiosity and exploration about the change.
  3. MODEL We guide leaders through change, encouraging them to model it early and often.
  4. ENA BLE We help people adopt change by teaching new skills and abilities, instituting new reward and recognition programs, and building plans to keep the change alive.

Pioneer Management Consulting supports strategic development across major people, processes, technology and data transformations to help speed up and increase adoption. We ensure our client achieves their business case by focusing on the people side of change.

Delivering change is a non-linear process so alignment on outcomes is key to our change approach. With outcome alignment we can help identify the team’s North Star. Through our processes we ensure Senior Leaders, Mid-Management and Impacted Users are always driving towards that North Star.

In addition to focusing on the human aspect of change to inform our approach, we are also guided by 3 universal truths:

  • Change has patterns: Change is never predictable, but it does exhibit some recognizable patterns. The most important pattern for organizations to understand is that people experience change in similar ways.
  • Change can be managed: The patterns in how people think, feel, and behave during change have allowed change practitioners to test a variety of behavioral interventions over the years. These tests, in turn, have led to a set of evidence-based practices and tools that hinder the resistance to change and accelerate the adoption of it.
  • Managing Change leads to better outcomes: Using evidence-based tactics to manage change can lead to more predictable and successful outcomes. These tactics can also make the experience of changing more positive for individuals, teams and organizations.

Measuring change drives change. Quantifying behavior gives insight and enables us to develop proper action plans to address risks / opportunities during a transformation. Our measurement approach is a 3-step process:
1. Measure
2. Benchmark
3. Action plan

To assess, we create transformation specific surveys and utilize our Change Management Model to synthesize the results.

Contact us to set up a consultation to learn how Pioneer Management Consulting can help your organization achieve the change results you need. We look forward to meeting you.



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Program management is the process of managing several related project with the intention of improving an organization's performance.