We start all program and project management engagements with four questions:

  1. What program and projects are you currently working on?
  2. Who’s working on them?
  3. How are they going?
  4. What’s coming next?


But you’d be surprised how many companies can’t answer these questions consistently, confidently and backed by data.

We get it. 

It’s not easy to manage program portfolios in any company, let alone those that span the globe or have significant investment in diversified and complex capital projects.

That’s where we come in.

We work with your team to assess the maturity of your program and project management capabilities through a rapid assessment that: 

  • Compiles an inventory of your team’s programs and projects
  • Assesses each business case, including scope, schedule, and cost
  • Reviews work plans, resources schedules, and tracking mechanisms
  • Ensures the expected outcomes of each program and project are front, center, and ready to be realized

We take this critical information and establish the road map for developing your organizations project management capability. We are a fan of tools.  Tools can be great enablers.  And the market place is awash in them.  But we begin with the process and getting the basics in place first, then apply the right tool(s). 

With the basics in place we shift to establishing the next level control through program management.  Simply put, project management is “flying the plane” and program management is “air traffic control”.  Both are critical to successfully managing multiple initiatives within an organization. 

Pioneer has successfully planned, built, operated, and turned over Program Management Offices (PMO) across multiple industries for very complex organizations.  We have delivered significant value through program level:

  • Disciplined intake
  • Project prioritization (within a function and cross functional)
  • Schedule management
  • Resource allocation
  • Risk management
  • Tracking and scorecard creation  

Together, we set plans to build, mature, or master your program and project management capabilities—all to provide company-wide visibility to program costs, value, interdependencies, synergies, efficiencies, and more.

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