Think of big, hairy, difficult projects where there’s no formula. There’s no roadmap. You just have to get in and start figuring it out and make it happen. You can’t rely on somebody else to give you the answers.
— Brian Westerhaus | Partner, Pioneer

Change is more than good. It’s inevitable.

We started our firm to provide program management services to companies in industries all over the world. As our client base grew, we began seeing holes in the abilities of any company of any size to fully realize the strategies our program management services supported.

We couldn’t help but wonder why.

Seeking more insight, we talked to board members, corporate executives, big consultancies, small consultancies, and individuals on the front lines of change management.

What we learned changed how we approach our work:

  1. Even smart strategies are often too academic and too hard to implement when an organization hires a big name firm at big rates with a big team to swoop in and save the day.

  2. An internal person often takes on implementation as second (or third) job when a big name firm is too expensive to hire through execution.

  3. The impact of massive changes on employees and their ability to do their jobs in future state is often not considered or sufficiently understood.

 Now we are committed to a new model that sets effective strategies supported by solid day-to-day program management and execution, all while caring about people and how they experience change at work.